Complex yet mild

Since 1894, the best wines have been refined to produce a brandy that is full of character yet still mild. For over 30 years Mariacron has been one of the best-selling brandies in Germany. Mariacron owes its success to the best ingredients and traditional manufacturing. Discover the secrets of the great German brandy – in the wine, the distillation, the maturity and in the complex yet mild flavor of Mariacron.


Wine and distillation

The pure flavors of the wines give Mariacron its soul. Experts have carefully selected the wines for Mariacron for decades. These exquisite wines release their essences in copper stills. With great experience and finesse they are heated to release the alcohol and fine flavors in steam, which is then collected and condensed. This so-called raw brandy is distilled a second time, producing fine distillate, the pure base product for Mariacron.



The distillate matures for at least six months in Limousin oak casks. The Limousin oak has large pores, ensuring that oxygen can enter the casks, making it easier for the distillate to breathe and mature. During the maturation process, the distillate also absorbs extracts from the wood, giving Mariacron its particular, unique bouquet and typical golden brown hue.



After maturing in the wooden casks of the Limousin oak, the master distillers use their experience to ‘marry’ the distillates of the wines to ensure the perfect flavor and the typical and unique taste of Mariacron is produced. Wine distillates vary from year to year, meaning the taste is influenced by both the year and the quality of the wooden cask. To round off the flavor, Mariacron is given its natural typage: Fine extracts brought together in a traditional and secret combination.